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That rabbit means economic freedom, personal freedom and political freedom.

That potential is unlimited."On the Playboy Jazz Festival:"I've never found anything that I've cared more about than the music from my youth.

“To be in a position in my career to help facilitate this along with the other judges is just a complete honor.”For Bryan and Richie, a turn on "American Idol" adds another layer to their entwined history.

Celebrity is the ultimate aphrodisiac in today's world.

I loved the Beatles, sure, but I never became — except for dancing purposes — a hard rocker.

To me, there is something incredibly celebratory, and so wonderful about really good big-band swing and Dixieland," he said in 2002."When I started, I just wanted to put out a men's magazine.

But by the end of the '50s, it was so successful that I seized it as a vehicle for changing the direction of my life," he added.

"And that crucial change in my life was also associated with jazz, because it all began within a space of about six months after the first Playboy Jazz Festival in August of 1959."On his personal legacy:"One of the reasons that I have such tremendous satisfaction at this point in my life is because I know I've made a difference," he said in 1994.

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