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xx We live in yorkshire in a three bed bungalow and we pay Gas and electric 90 per mth Council tax 89 per mth on DD as its cheaper rent 500 per mth also things like sky tv, internet and phone which we pay about 50 Food theres me DP and 3 DCs and we spend about 35-50 per week but i cook everything from scratch and shop local if i can.It is difficult living on your own and you are best staying with your parents for as long as you can stand!No offence but your still living with you parents when you have partner and 2 kids, do you not think thats taking advantage of your family!?!?!I would never dream of moving back in with my family and my husband and I rent a tiny 1 bed flat because its all we can afford - Find somewhere with bills included in the rent that way you avoid any nasty surprises! I know its tough living with parents, I currently live with mine, my partner and my two children but imo now is anything but the time to be looking to move out.Things are tough and I would say get a job and save money while living with your family so you have a bit of a nest egg when you do leave home.Have a chat with your mum and dad and suggest you give them a bit extra every week/month and they can put this money aside for you so when you are ready to go you have some back up savings.hiya hun im in yorkshire so not sure what the difference will be for u down there, rent will be a lot higher but im not sure about the rest we have a 3 bed detatched house and pay: electric 50 per month gas 60 for month water 33 per month tv liscence 12 shopping for me oh and dd 60 per week, your will prob be a bit higher if u have nappies and milk to buy council tax 120 per month and dont forget like contents insurace, sky, internet, mobile all things like that?hope this helps x Hey I live in Scotland so prices might vary but I pay 500 per month for rent on a 2 bedroom house 180 a month council tax (our water charges are included in council tax) 44 gas 25 electric 12 tv license 44 sky tv, internet & phone and around 30 a week food shopping for 2 adults and 1 toddler some weeks its more if we need to buy nappies, toilet rolls, washing powder etc... I know its tough living with parents, I currently live with mine, my partner and my two children but imo now is anything but the time to be looking to move out.

I would not recommend doing this, especially if you will be on benefits!

Only problem is your then bringing a stranger into your home with your child so its a double edged sword but would help bring costs down.

Hi Abi, I'm in kind of a similar situation to you, I was made homeless with my two sons and am currently living with relatives. I've been looking round at figures and my bills will be: 60 top up rent (as HB won't cover all of it) 70 electric (I am currently responsible for this anyway as I will be taking over this house so made sense and it is higher than it should be because for a while we were using electric heaters) 30 fuel (we have a coal fire, so if you're on gas I would say 100 in total for gas and elec is realistic) 15 TV license (not sure how accurate this is) 30 landline and internet (with Talk Talk, this price includes line rental, upto 10meg speed, unlimited download broadband and anytime calls....

i am in a similar situation i am 24 and have a 6 week old baby i was working and living with my parents but lost my job due to being pregnant and my parents no longer want me in the house i am currently in emergency accommodation.

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