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Autism is best considered as a disability on a continuum from mild to severe. Some people who have autism are working as artists, piano tuners, painters, farm workers, office workers, computer operators, dishwashers, assembly line workers, or competent employees of sheltered workshops or other sheltered work settings. What leisure activities do persons with autism enjoy?

Residential Services, Incorporated, (RSI) is a private, non-profit organization that provides residential options for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Most people with mental retardation show relatively even skill development, while individuals with autism typically show uneven skill development with deficits in certain areas - most frequently in their ability to communicate and relate to others - and distinct skills in other areas. Many individuals with autism eventually become more responsive to others as they learn to understand the world around them. They usually like music, swimming, hiking, camping, working puzzles, playing table games, etc. What services are available for people with autism in North Carolina?

It is important to distinguish autism from mental retardation or other disorders since diagnostic confusion may result in referral to inappropriate and ineffective treatment techniques. There are public school classrooms, a summer residential camp, group homes, social skills training, job training, and life planning services for persons with autism in North Carolina for persons with autism in North Carolina. What additional services are needed for children with autism in North Carolina? How can people who have autism learn meaningful job skills?

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This results in severe problems of social relationships, communication, and behavior. The degree of severity of characteristics differs from person to person, but usually includes the following: Severe delays in language development.

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